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Joseph Pilates was a German born in 1880. He became a prisoner of war in WW1. Whilst a POW he became an expert in exercises & in particular he was known for his help in rehabilitation of his fellow prisoners on the wards of the hospital where he worked as a ward orderly. After the war Joseph immigrated to America where his exercise routines became fairly established, particularly within the New York Ballet. Today his exercises are known worldwide.

The type of Pilates used here has been specifically devised by a group of Australian Physiotherapists to ensure that the modern approach to exercising has been incorporated.



Pilates Body Control is a mind body conditioning exercise programme that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall central core stability & posture. As you progress through a variety of exercises you will notice improved flexibility, strength & movement control throughout your body. As well as being a great way to exercise, this will help with the long term relief of spinal and joint pain.

We have adapted traditional exercises to ensure every step is taken to allow you to reap the benefits of Pilates Body Control without causing any further damage to your body.

Tracy has undertaken a comprehensive training course with The Australian Pilates & Physiotherapy Institute.


One to One Introductory Session - £40.00
To assess your suitability for a class and provide a tailor made home exercise programme.

Intensive One to One Sessions - £40.00
A training programme to progress to higher level exercises, focusing on problem areas.

Classes - £10.00 per class
Courses of 6-8 one hour classes in our purpose built exercise studio, with limited places to ensure you are closely monitored throughout.

If you'd like to find out more about Pilates, arrange a one to one session, or join in with one of our classes call today on 01706 522 922 or 01204 88 8788 or contact us.


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