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Norman Purnell


“Patrick, a true legend! Great to hear things are going well mate! Take care, see you soon." (Jonny Wilkinson, England Rugby Union)

“I have been bodybuilding since the age of 16 and I accept that physiotherapy can go with the territory.  Having had professional physiotherapy both here in the UK and in the USA, I can confidently say that Patrick, stands head and shoulders above others who have treated me.  In any walk of life an injury is an inconvenience and therefore having it put right in the quickest possible time is a real necessity.  Patrick did that for me better than anyone else and therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.”  (Nik Speakman, Celebrity Life Coach)

"Bradley Associates have provided an excellent service to PLP Constructions for several years as Occupational Health Specialists, working closely with our employees to ensure that they are fully fit for work. This has had a very positive impact in keeping our staff absence record substantially lower than average by diagnosis and providing effective treatment quickly. Our employees are very happy with the treatment they have received and see this as a company benefit and as an employer we are able to proactively manage staff absences by getting our operatives back to full health and back on site quickly which minimises any impact to the contracts we are working on." (Joanne James, PLP Construction Ltd)

"Following a major car accident in 2004 I suffered multiple fractures to my chest, pelvis & throughout my legs & feet. I was bed ridden for 3/4 years during which time I lost my dignity, confidence & independence. Intensive physiotherapy at Bradley Associates since 2007 has not only helped me physically but also psychologically – it has been my lifeline. It has given me the will to live again and now as I walk through the door I am welcomed by the friendly, yet professional team. From bed exercises to walking in parallel bars to learning how to climb stairs, their never-ending guidance, advice, support & encouragement has given me back my life – I now have a future I look forward to! " (Suzanne - Major Trauma, serious R.T.A. in 2004)

"I have attended Bradley Associates Physiotherapy Clinic and gym for a number of years due to recurrent disc problems.
They have always provided a first class service offering prompt and effective treatments. This has enabled me to continue working and to return to active exercise very quickly. The range of treatments has been exceptional including, manipulation, traction, acupuncture and TENS.

Being able to continue exercising in their on-site gym with a personal, closely monitored programme drawn up by a physiotherapist was very reassuring. I have attended their Pilates classes for a couple of years now and this has greatly helped with the pain I was getting in my back and reduced any flare ups. Throughout all my treatments the staff have been approachable, friendly and highly professional. The gym is non-threatening and advice and support is always on hand.  It is very reassuring to know my back is in such good hands!" (Sarah Doyle - Spinal surgery)

"Just a short note to say thanks for your attention and treatment following my Achilles operation. In particular, Patrick’s immediate response in arranging a scan and appointment with Mr Clayson deserves a special mention in progressions repair and treatment. Thanks again for your professional response and support." (JW - Achilles tendon repair)

"Following a freak accident in March 2006, I underwent major surgery to rebuild my shoulder and biceps muscle. Being an avid triathlete this was devastating. The surgeon referred me to Bradley Associate’s physiotherapists of Rochdale. Patrick and his dedicated team formulated a progressive manipulation and exercise rehabilitation programme. Six months later I had full range of movement in my shoulder and arm, but needed a revised programme, devised by Patrick, to redevelop muscle tone. I cannot thank Patrick and his team enough for the dedication, kindness and professionalism they showed to me through this difficult time. Their knowledge and nurturing allowed me to continue with my triathlete career" (Norman Purnell, GB masters tri-athlete)

"Thank you for helping me get back to normal in record time. From rupturing the tendon to playing badminton in 17 weeks! Thank you all very much." (Jane Ashworth - Ruptured Achilles tendon)

"Patrick, thanks for fixing me up! The race went well. 49m in 8 ½ hours with 6000 feet climbing. Placed OK so now training for next ultra – expect you will be seeing me again! Really appreciate all you do." (GP / ultra athlete)


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