13 Jan

Frozen Shoulder – Physio Guide to Pathophysiology & Evidence Based Treatment – James Clayton MCSP

Frozen Shoulder This Blog will explain what frozen shoulder is, how we diagnose it and how the evidence states we should treat our patients. What is frozen shoulder? Previously coined as ‘peri-arthritis’ by Duplay in 1872(Reeves, 1975), frozen Shoulder was a term that was first used in 1934 by Codman (Rizk and Pinals, 1982), where […]

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09 Jan

‘Frozen Shoulder & Self Help Exercises’ by James Clayton MCSP

Frozen shoulder syndrome, clinically known as adhesive capsulitis, is a painful and debilitating condition affecting up to 5% of the population. Patients experience pain, limited shoulder movement and disability generally lasting anywhere from 1 to 24 months. This means it is important to distinguish frozen shoulder from other types of shoulder conditions early such as […]

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