08 Mar

Plantar Plate Tears-James Clayton MCSP Bsc(Hons)Physio

What is the plantar plate? The plantar plate is a deep fibrocartligenous structure in the foot that attaches to the proximal phalanx and the metatarsal head . The role of the plantar plate is to keep the toes in place by stopping them from drifting apart or over extending, therefore injury to this can cause […]

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01 Mar

Set Up for Different Types of Workstation-Rebecca O’Loughlin MScPhysiotherapy BSc(Hons)SportsRehab

Is your workstation set-up aggravating your back or neck pain? Do you have a desk job? Are you sat for hours on end throughout the day? Have you checked to ensure your desk set up is supporting you properly? Are you working from home on the dining room table or on your laptop on your […]

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