What to Expect

Expert care

Bradley Physio strive to improve an individual’s quality of life by physical means. A combination of manual therapy, manipulation, movement training, exercise programmes, pilates, electrotherapy and acupuncture are used to relieve pain, promote healing and restore normal function.

We also advise on preventative measures and will educate you on how to avoid recurrence of your problem. On your first consultation, you will have a thorough assessment. This full assessment is to identify your problem and provide you with an accurate and thorough clinical diagnosis. Your condition will be explained, treatment, advice and appropriate home exercises will be given as necessary, and any of your questions answered.

Your first visit…

Your assessment and treatment will be undertaken in one of our private treatment rooms which is thoroughly sanitised in between each client. You are welcome to take a friend or family member in with you. You will be asked some questions about your problem and your therapist will perform a thorough examination.

If it is your neck or upper limb that needs assessing you may be more comfortable wearing a vest style top. If its your back or lower limb you may prefer to wear a pair of shorts.

Once the cause of your problem has been established we will explain your clinical diagnosis and discuss your recommended treatment plan. Any questions you have will be answered. When your treatment has finished you will usually be given an exercise programme to continue at home until your next appointment. Your first visit normally lasts between 45 minutes and an hour, but may be longer if necessary.

We will also advise you on preventative measures and will educate you on how to avoid recurrence of your problem.

Confidentiality, privacy, one to one attention and a high level of treatment skills, as well as direct / same day access to some of the North’s leading medical specialists and scanning facilities, form an integral part of the treatment process, should further medical/surgical intervention be required.