06 Sep

Sitting is the new smoking! Sitting kills! – Adam Recsetar

The accusations against a sedentary lifestyle are piling up. Modern day life encourages inactivity, and sitting for extended periods is linked to chronic disease and wreaks havoc on your spine. Working environments that encourage employees to sit for hours on end are one of the main contributing factors to this problem! And whilst being tied […]

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28 Jul

Taking Care in the Garden…

Many of us see this time of the year as a good opportunity to take to our gardens armed with a shovel and trowel in order to give the garden a tidy up. What we don’t realise is how much of a strain tackling those overgrown bushes and nasty weeds can put on our bodies. […]

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15 Jun

Beware – ‘Flip Flop Season’ is here!

BEWARE OF THE FLIP FLOP! With the British summer just around the corner… overcast, rainy showers and intermittent sunshine, you are more than likely going to be digging out your summer wears in the near future! Before you get carried away though, you might want to consider the risk your flip flops may have to […]

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22 Mar

Heat Therapy vs. Cold Therapy by Adam Recsetar

A common question we get asked a lot in the clinic is whether or not you should use hot or cold for an injury. Both of these treatments will help to reduce pain, however, there are certain types of injuries for which you should use either hot or cold. Heat increases the circulation and elasticity […]

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