01 Mar

Set Up for Different Types of Workstation-Rebecca O’Loughlin MScPhysiotherapy BSc(Hons)SportsRehab

Is your workstation set-up aggravating your back or neck pain? Do you have a desk job? Are you sat for hours on end throughout the day? Have you checked to ensure your desk set up is supporting you properly? Are you working from home on the dining room table or on your laptop on your […]

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11 Nov

Frightened of Falling?…. Becca O’Loughlin MCSP BSc(Hons)SportsTherapy MScPhysio

Becca O’Loughlin As we get closer to the winter months there is an increase in falls. In 2020/21 alone in the UK there were reported to be 216,075 fall in adults over 65 years old (HES 2020). You are at a higher risk of falls if you have had a recent fall within the last […]

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10 Nov

Plantar Fasciitis – Becca O’Loughlin MCSP Bsc(Hons) Sports Rehab. Bsc (Hons) Physio

  PLANTAR FASCIITIS – Becca O’Loughlin Is most commonly known as pain under the bottom of your foot, whether that be pain under your heel or into the arch of your foot. Symptoms Pain under heel and arch of your foot. Pain can be sharp/stabbing or constant dull ache Often worse on waking Worse when […]

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