03 Aug

Sprains & Strains – What is the difference?

By James Clayton Bsc (Hons) MCSP Strains and Sprains- what are they and what should you do? With the recent change in the weather, the lifting of Covid restrictions and the longer days, more and more people are keen to get outside and participate in sport as a way to keep fit (mentally or physically), […]

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23 Feb

Tennis Elbow

Author: James Clayton MCSP BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy Introduction (1,2,3) Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury that affects the lateral wrist extensor muscles that attach at the elbow.And despite the term, tennis is only a direct cause in 5% of people with tennis elbow. And if left untreated, symptoms may persist for […]

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06 May

Has Coronavirus got you Running? : the benefits and a few tips to prevent injury

Introduction Due to the outbreak if Coronavirus people across the country are not able to use their usual methods to keep fit such as visiting the gym, training in a class, or even playing in a sports team and consequently there has been a huge uptake in people running. This blog will focus on the benefits of […]

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