08 Mar

Plantar Plate Tears-James Clayton MCSP Bsc(Hons)Physio

What is the plantar plate? The plantar plate is a deep fibrocartligenous structure in the foot that attaches to the proximal phalanx and the metatarsal head . The role of the plantar plate is to keep the toes in place by stopping them from drifting apart or over extending, therefore injury to this can cause […]

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30 Jan

Achilles Tendonitis/Tendonopathy-Becca O’Loughlin MCSP BSc(Hons)SportsTherapy MScPhysio

What is it? Achilles tendonitis/tendonopathy is an inflammation of the achilles tendon which is often chronic, causing adhesions (scar tissue) results in pain around your heel, bottom of your calf and in or around the achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. In many cases the continuous breakdown and healing of the tendon causes […]

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16 Nov

New Service Coming – Diagnostic MSK Ultrasound James Clayton MCSP BSc(Hons)Physio

James Clayton What is ultrasound Ultrasound is defined as a sound wave above the range of normal human hearing. Humans can hear between 20hz up to 20khz (20- 20,000Hz).  To put this range into perspective. Earthquakes occur at approximately 1-2Hz, Dogs can hear between 40hz- 60khz. And medical ultrasound ranges from 2Mhz-20Mhz (2,000,000- 20,000,000hz). So […]

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11 Nov

Frightened of Falling?…. Becca O’Loughlin MCSP BSc(Hons)SportsTherapy MScPhysio

Becca O’Loughlin As we get closer to the winter months there is an increase in falls. In 2020/21 alone in the UK there were reported to be 216,075 fall in adults over 65 years old (HES 2020). You are at a higher risk of falls if you have had a recent fall within the last […]

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26 Oct

Joint Pain During the Menopause – Fact or Fiction?….Kiera Bradley MCSP BSc Hons Physiotherapy

MENOPAUSAL PAIN Kiera Bradley There is a growing acknowledgement that many women will suffer with an increase in generalised joint pain during the menopause. Apart from its effect on bone density leading to osteoporosis, sadly there is still a significant lack of research into the effect that the menopause can have on the musculoskeletal system. […]

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02 Aug

Help for Foot & Ankle Injuries

FOOT & ANKLE INJURIES Ankle injuries are common across the population in children and throughout adulthood, whether it happens playing sport, gardening, walking the dog or out shopping. There are lots of different structures within the ankle which can get damaged, with the most common being ligaments, while also affecting the muscles, tendons and bones. […]

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19 Jan

Is Pregnancy Bad for your Body?

Author Kiera Bradley BSc(Hons) MCSP COMMON PROBLEMS DURING & AFTER PREGNANCY A staggering 81% of women give birth to at least one child in their lifetime (Gov.uk, 2018). Growing and carrying a baby and caring for a growing child takes its toll on our body (and sanity!). These different stresses can build up and result […]

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17 Dec

🎁For the Ninth Pain of Christmas…Neck Pain🎁

🎵”For the Ninth Pain of Christmas Bradley Physio Mended Me…”🎵 😢NECK PAIN 😢 One of the most common complaints we have seen over the past year has been neck  pain. We can’t be 100% sure as to why this is the case but we believe it is heavily linked to more people working from home […]

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17 Dec

🎅🏽For the Eighth Pain of Christmas….Post-Op Rehab🎅🏽

🎵”For the Eighth Pain of Christmas Bradley Physio Mended Me…”🎵 ❤️‍🩹POST-OPERATIVE REHABILITATION❤️‍🩹 One of the most common settings that people find physiotherapists is on the wards in hospital where people have had orthopaedic surgery. Physio’s help these people get up and moving as quickly as possible so they can then get home. However once home […]

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15 Dec

🎄For the Seventh Pain of Christmas…Osteoarthritis (OA)🎄

🎵”For the Seventh Pain of Christmas Bradley Physio Mended Me…”🎵 😞 OSTEOARTHRITIS (OA) 😞 Osteoarthritis affects the vast majority of people, particularly as they get older. Most people will have osteoarthritis and not even know about it! But the unfortunate few can be severely affected by it.  Osteoarthritis is the result of age related changes […]

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