16 Nov

New Service Coming – Diagnostic MSK Ultrasound James Clayton MCSP BSc(Hons)Physio

James Clayton What is ultrasound Ultrasound is defined as a sound wave above the range of normal human hearing. Humans can hear between 20hz up to 20khz (20- 20,000Hz).  To put this range into perspective. Earthquakes occur at approximately 1-2Hz, Dogs can hear between 40hz- 60khz. And medical ultrasound ranges from 2Mhz-20Mhz (2,000,000- 20,000,000hz). So […]

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21 Jan

Corticosteroid Injections – Some facts behind the myths!

  At some point many of us have had or heard of someone who has had a corticosteroid “cortisone” injection.  In my talks with patients over the years cortisone can often get a ‘bad rap’ if they have had a negative experience (i.e. it was ineffective or painful!) The truth is, if used correctly and […]

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