22 Feb

Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates 

Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates As much as we like to pretend pregnancy is this amazing journey, and we get a beautiful gift at the end…. It doesn’t half cause a lot of problems! Over 81.9% of women had one or more children in the year 2020 with a large proportion of those suffering from long […]

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23 May

Will Pilates Improve My Running Technique? – Kiera Bradley BSc(Hons) MCSP

WHAT IS PILATES? Kiera Bradley Pilates is a comprehensive body-conditioning programme with the aim of improving core-stabilisation and thus reducing injury risk and enhancing performance. To accomplish this Pilates incorporates the key principles: Movement Control Flexibility Postural Awareness Breathing Control   The founder, Joseph Pilates, felt that modern society had robbed us of our natural physical […]

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15 Feb

Pilates Clam Level 3

Pilates Clam Level 3   A great exercise for increasing control and stability around the hip and pelvis whilst focusing on posture and balance. ‘The Clam’ primarily trains the posterior fibres of gluteus medius. Performed in side lying, it is from the rotary stability classification and therefore challenges the rotation control of the pelvis. This […]

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18 Nov

Introduction to Pilates Part 1

Here, APPI trained pilates instructor Tracy Bradley, introduces her guide to pilates and begins by explaining the benefits of pilates exercise.

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04 Oct

Free Pilates Introductory Session

Are you wondering if you might enjoy pilates? Watch this 40 minute video which explains the basic principles, terminology, positions and exercises for our pilates classes so that you will get the most out of each and every exercise if you decide to join our regular Live Streamed Sessions. Our classes are all led by […]

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05 Apr

FREE 30 Minute Matwork Pilates Class with Tracy Bradley

Physiotherapist Tracy Bradley will guide you through a FREE 30 minute Matwork Pilates Class – perfect if you aren’t able to join us for one of our studio classes….

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31 Jan

Pilates: A Focus on Thoracic Mobility Exercises

Did you know that good thoracic mobility is vital for the neck, low back and shoulder girdle to function normally. Stiffness in this area can lead to pain and a wide range of injuries of the spine and shoulders. This 10 minute programme will work wonders to increase your flexibility in this area.

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21 Aug

What Every Runner Needs To Know About Pilates….

WHAT EVERY RUNNER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT PILATES…. WHAT IS PILATES? Pilates is often compared to yoga, but they actually have very different backgrounds. While yoga is a centuries-old practice with close links to spirituality, Pilates is a mind and body conditioning technique developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. Pilates is a balanced blend […]

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