Over 75% of the population suffers from misalignment such as over-pronation or excessive supination. The effects can be felt throughout the body, whether in muscle and joint pain or more serious injury.

A foot with poor support is like a building with poor foundations. The lack of support can lead to problems not only in the foot itself, but also in the rest of the body such as the knee, hip, back, etc.

The sole of the foot is the primary method of supporting and propelling the body. Ensuring it is correctly supported is critical to improving performance, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of injury.


Common Foot Types


When the foot rolls inward excessively, distributing weight unevenly. One of the most common foot misalignments.

Excessive Supination

When the foot leans to the outside. Weight is distributed along the outside. Also known as over supination which reduces the body’s natural shock absorbing capability.


Foot and ankle maintain a straight line. Weight is distributed evenly across the foot and heel.

The Solution

Custom Made Orthotics

Orthotics are inserts that fit inside your shoes, they are used to give the foot or the arch additional support. Custom orthotics have been proven to reduce and modify the forces on the body allowing it to function within normal range, thus reducing injury potential and improving performance. They can also help relieve problems such as knee, hip and back ache.


Your insoles are 100% custom moulded using HD vacuum moulding technology and then hand finished while you wait.

Here at Bradley Physio we offer a custom orthotics service which includes:

  • Biomechanical assessment – the cause for your problem will be explained after a detailed analysis of your foot posture including any excessive pronation or supination.
  • You will be fitted with Bespoke, Custom Fit Orthotics to support your feet, reduce discomfort and improve performance.

For those patients that require other podiatry/chiropody services Bradley Physio work closely with Walk Right Podiatry.